Why 5 Minute Citizen?

You (as in you).

In every life, there comes a defining moment when we are asked to do something that is bigger than ourselves.  We are asked to choose between what we know and are comfortable with and taking a risk on “something else” which could be better, but may not work out.  In our country’s life, now is one of those times.  We are all being asked to make individual choices to stay “safe” or to try something “new.”  5 Minute Citizen is inspiring people, hopefully you, to be in the conversation, so you can make your choice consciously, not by default.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  Your contribution does matter.  It can take as little as 5 minutes a day.

Us (as in all of us).

Building connections with our neighbors, our family and in our communities is the strength of our country.  It rebuilds our trust in each other, which is the fabric of America.  While campaigning, I would ask most people what they wanted for the community.  The top answers were always the same.  People want to live in a safe environment, have good quality of life (via good jobs/business opportunities), good education and leave the world a better place for their kids.  We have much in common with each other, if only we take the time to find it.

Please read these stories, follow the blog (upper left corner), share them widely and be inspired to get involved.  Then share your story with us.

Me (as in Debilyn).

I had an “ah-ha” moment in 2003 when I realized my country needed me to do more than vote.  I was awakened to the choices that lay before us and the inadequacies of our personal and systemic preparation to make those choices.  As a business and executive coach, I saw the possibility of transformation within our political system through better self-awareness, communication and systems thinking.  Within six months, I was running for elected office, getting involved with community and political organizations.  I was inspired by the thousands of people who are involved, wanting to improve our way of life.  I was disheartened that for every person involved, there are thousands who are not.  These thousands of people don’t have time, think their contribution doesn’t matter or simply don’t care.  This blog is my answer for you.  You matter and I care.

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