A Quick Email to My Representatives…

Photo on 5-15-13 at 5.27 PMThis only took a few minutes…writing to oppose a state bill that would consolidate power at the state level to protect companies like Monsanto and Syngenta from local rulings and ordinances that would prohibit GMOs.

The Oregon version of the bill can be seen here: http://www.leg.state.or.us/13reg/measpdf/sb0600.dir/sb0633.intro.pdf
What’s happening in your state?  There is likely a bill in the works right now.

To find your state legislator, search “Find your legislator in XX”  (enter state).  Each state has their own website to assist you.

Here’s my letter:

Hello Representatives Kotek and Bailey and Senator Rosenbaum,

I’m writing to you to let you know of my opposition to SB 633 or any legislation that protects GMO companies like Monsanto or Syngenta.
As you may know, Syngenta has already infected organic farmers by growing seed crops within 1/4 mile of organic farms (rather than the 5 mile requirement) in Jackson County by leasing land and running “under the radar.”  Who know what other land has been leased by these global companies, undetected by state and federal agencies.
Please allow local agencies, who are closest to the farmers and the people in the surrounding area to be our first and best line of defense against these global giants who are seeking to control our food supply.  While 60 countries have banned GMO food crops, many politicians seem to be protecting the companies right to grow whatever they wish, even should it turn out to be poison.  I would like you and all elected officials to protect my rights to KNOW what is in my food by requiring labeling of GMO foods.  Further, I ask that you use your legislative powers to protect local non-GMO farmers from the predatory practices of global agri-businesses who seek to avoid accountability of their own crops.
Remember to sign your own letter with your name and address.  This way they know you are a 1) voter in their district and 2) possible contributor.

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