NDAA – In Defense of What?

stopndaaThis story is about people who spend a lot more than 5 minutes being involved as citizens. And their actions will impact everyone. I thank them for their dedication and service to me. To us all. Specifically today, I’m thanking Tangerine Bolen and Dan Johnson, whom I’ll interview in about an hour on LUNCH WITH LOUDEN.

NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, funds the military. In this long, arduous bill are some additions that fundamentally challenge our freedom in the name of “safety.” Among them, our right to face our accuser and speedy trial. Folded into the two most recent versions of the NDAA are provisions for the government to arrest and detain, on suspicion alone, ANYONE who they deem a threat to the United States.

That could be me. Or you. Or any number of activists and protestors who are seeking a “righting of the ship” as we sway towards totalitarianism. Our Constitutional protection against unlawful search and seizure, to a speedy and fair trial of our peers is countermanded by NDAA. And it must be stopped.

Tangerine BolenTangerine Bolen is a co-plaintiff in Hedges v. Obama, the court case making its way through the system, headed to the Supreme Court, challenging the NDAA provision of unlawful detention case. Tangerine is my hero.  Through RevolutionTruth, she works daily to support democracy around the world.
DanJohnson1 2Dan Johnson is a 19-year-old political science major and now political activist.  Upon learning about NDAA, Dan started People Against National Defense Act or PANDA.  Dan works at the state level to pass legislation that supports our constitutional rights and weakens the NDAA.  Dan is another hero of mine for jumping in to politics early and caring so much.

We all lead busy lives.  Please take a look at their websites and see how you can support the cause to protect our rights.  Thanks.